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Dentures are removable or fixed prosthetic appliances used to replace missing teeth.

There are several types of dentures, which include:

Complete Removable Dentures

These are supported by gum tissue replacing all natural teeth



Removable Partial Dentures

These are supported by gum tissue and remaining teeth.  They usually have replacement teeth fixed to a plastic bases that matches the color of your gums.  The plastic base may cover a metal framework.  Partial dentures often have some form of clasp that attacheds to your natural teeth

*Dr Muller’s suggestion*  put crowns or veneers on your natural teeth to improve the way the removable partial denture fits in your mouth


Removable Overdentures

These are supported by roots of natural teeth or dental implants. They can “clip” onto the tooth roots or implants by means of stud type attachments or bar systems.  They may allow a patient to enjoy greater variety of foods, while promoting a more youthful and natural face structure and smile



Fixed Implant Supported Dentures

Implants can also be used to secure dentures, greatly improving their stability, comfort and function.  These are permanently attached to the jawbone and are markedly smaller in size than removable implant overdentures, promoting a more natural feel.  The implant itself serves as an anchor to the jawbone and aids in maintaining the natural shape of the face.


Your dentures generally need to be relined frequently as the shape of your bone and gums changes over time.

Relines are also required if you’ve had extractions within the past 3-12 months.

The reline process is simply having the existing denture refit to the new shape of your mouth.

The alignment will slowly change as the bone and gum ridges recede or shrink due to the extraction of the teeth.

Relines are a normal part of the immediate denture process and are usually recommended every 5 years depending on how much your mouth has changed shape. Many people want their dentures relined after 10 or more years because they’ve noticed that the dentures are loose. However, after 10 years most denture teeth are worn down and it’s advisable to invest in a new denture at this point.

Every patient’s full mouth reconstruction is different and, therefore, requires various different procedures. Usually, full mouth reconstruction requires multiple office visits and some amount of healing time. Dr Sanette Muller will determine which procedure or combination of procedures is necessary to restore and rebuild your perfect smile.

If you have concerns about your existing denture, please contact us to discuss these options.


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